No Promt Checkmark

🏆⏳🚩No AI Prompt Used Checkmark ✓ Genis Steven Chand

The Proposal

by using the checkmark, you are representing the original authentic you. 💙❤️

No Prompt Used: Honour Code

Powers: Self-declaring, Self Assuring, Self Contradicting

by using the code you are swearing to the divine.

  • I Swear To The Devine True God

This is article  that I’m writing is without the use of AI, As I believe in the real human collective intelligence. Common Sence.

by using the code : 🏅🏆No AI Prompt Used Checkmark ✓ {ReplaceWithYourName} , you are using it as a SEAL ⏳, or a Rubber Stamp

i declare the witness bearer to this. Khaby lame

link to the original Witness File below :


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