Arpeggi is a collaborative web3 music creation platform built on the ARP protocol. Over the years music has become increasingly 'single player', Arpeggi's goal is to automate the trust in digital collaboration so artists can be more connected than ever.

Arpeggi allows musicians to share their music for reuse with guaranteed attribution when their sound is used. In the traditional music industry, compliantly using someone else’s song or sound requires payment and legal clearance. With Arpeggi, any sound you hear is yours to create with.

Today's platform features an infinite community sourced sample library to create with and a full featured DAW to mint your own songs and samples as shareable tokens.


Frequently Asked Questions

Arpeggi is built on top of an infinite and decentralized sound library, the 'Audio Relationship Protocol' or ARP for short. When a song is made in Arpeggi, the song is registered back into the ARP protocol with full audio and authorship information. Authorship includes the creator of the new song, but also all the references to the sounds the song used, creating new connections between song authors and the sample contributors of the song. For more on ARP check out our documentation here

Arpeggi reimagines traditional web2 music platforms by combining creation and consumption - imagine if Spotify allowed you to take your favorite song to sample and remix all inside the app. Most other web3 platforms focus on changing the way we own music. Arpeggi focuses on changing the way we create music.

Arpeggi is completely free!

The founders of Arpeggi Labs are anonymous


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