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A sanctuary to rest while traveling through a dark and chaotic market. We at Bonfire know that the crypto market place is uncertain in the best of times and wildly volatile at its worst. Crypto currency has the chance to make the bold investor immense wealth, but also the risk to lose it all. We offer succor to our investors. With mainstream coins dumping and alt coins sprouting up every day to rug the unwary, we are here to give you warriors a safe place to invest, reap your returns, and rest by the $BONFIRE. 





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You may feel alone, but we sit by this fire together This flame belongs to all holders who come here. $BONFIRE has no owners, there are no whales manipulating the price. We offer the opportunity for each member of the community to support and assist and truly build the fire from the ground up. The creators of Bonfire are much like you. We’re sharing our light with you. The community has taken over and has spread the fire even further. Bonfire is here to stay and welcomes everybody who is seeking some shelter.

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