Puzzles Crusade, a Match 3 RPG available for iOS and Android, features Play-2-Earn mechanics and is built on the Polygon Layer 2 blockchain.

Our goal is to make the industry's most enjoyable game. Our mission is to improve the gaming experience through technology, world-class graphics and blockchain. To make it possible for people to play, enjoy, and experience the best of gaming by earning sustainably.

The interactive economic and strategic Metaverse is used to explore and conquer the ingame world. It features sophisticated gameplay with multiple actions that players must take to build hero teams and create a thriving society.

Puzzles Crusade is inspired from the most successful Mobile RPGs of all times, such as Empires and Puzzles and World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, Final Fantasy 6 and The Witcher series. This time is designed with true player ownership in mind and decentralization in the forefront.

Puzzle Crusade was built on a dual currency and NFT asset model. This allows us to operate within the Apple and Android app stores. Currently, crypto tokens are not allowed to be integrated into apps.

Puzzle Crusade's in game economy was designed to scale and last. The dual currency model is combined to a wide range of customizable tradable assets and multiple passive earning mechanisms that can all be leveraged by players.

Puzzles Crusade plans to continue developing the game and eventually become a full-scale Metaverse. Puzzles Crusade aims to be the next big success story in the Metaverse space with its unique gameplay, wide-ranging digital assets and an ecosystem that increases the long-term value NFTs and our governance token.

We see a world where multiple Metaverses are interconnected. A world in which everyone is an athlete competing and building simultaneously. We want to inspire, make games, and create a lifestyle.




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