Sandbox is a virtual gaming metaverse, build on Ethereum Blockchain, where its users with no coding skills can create, sell, build, and play their virtual reality experiences.The platform is perfect for creators, users who want to explore and experience a different world each time they visit it, and anyone looking for metaverse investments, since staking the Sandbox’s native token is one of the features.


It was launched in 2011 by the mobile game studio Pixowl. Sandbox is now a 3D metaverse, but back when it all started in 2011, it was a 2D mobile pixel game, which allowed the players to create their virtual worlds and use digital avatars. Although it was successful and popular from the very beginning, what really kick-started the Sandbox’ popularity and its growth towards a complex metaverse ecosystem was the astronomic rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) Without NFTs Sandbox wouldn’t be what it is today - a project aiming to be one of the greatest metaverses in the upcoming years.

It attracted various celebrities and companies looking for metaverse investments, some of them are the rap artist Snoop Dogg, and brands Atari and Helix.

The main Sandbox cryptocurrency is called SEND. It’s an ERC-20 token. It is both a utility token used for purchasing game assets and LAND (a digital piece of real estate in this virtual world) and a governance token, allowing its holders to participate in the governance decisions. 


The platform consists of three core products that allow the Sandbox community to have a user-friendly experience and easily create content. These three components are VoxEdit, the Marketplace, and Game Maker. VoxEdit is a tool for creating game assets such as tools, avatars, or decorations. The assets can be turned into NFTs. The Sandbox Marketplace is used for purchasing and selling game assets to other Sandbox users using the native metaverse crypto called SAND. It is vital to know that not all game players can sell the assets they created, but only the asset creators approved and verified by the Creator Fund. It’s also interesting that Sandbox asset creators or game designers can collaborate, and create together. The last of three products is Game Maker.  Since Sandbox is not just one single game, this important tool is instrumental in creating different game experiences and environments. You can find different types of games in this metaverse such as role-playing games, adventure games, open-world games, etc.  Game Maker allows both experienced and inexperienced Sandbox users to build and monetize on their own 3D games without coding.




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