Somnium Space is an up-and-coming project which allows the users to live in an open-world VR Blockchain metaverse where they can engage in a number of activities, from purchasing virtual land and building virtual buildings to using a marketplace and trading. This project is already playable and online. The project was presented in 2017, and launched in 2018, becoming available to the website visitors. Now it is available through the web, VR, mobile phones, and PC.  Initially, Somnium Space was not decentralized, however, it has adopted different decentralized features since then, for example, it has granted its players full authority over the game assets they own.

What makes Somnium appealing and interesting is the fact that you can create your digital persona and live in a virtual world, doing all the activities you would do in real life. You can travel, attend events such as metaverse concerts, games, auctions, and so on (however, you would need to purchase the ticket for the virtual event, as you would do in the real world, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the match or hear the music) hang out with your friends, go to work, and buy at the virtual marketplace. When you buy a parcel, you can build anything you wish on it. There is the “main world” and parallel worlds owned by the community.

The project is interesting from the point of metaverse investments because Somnium digital creators can gain profit by selling various virtual assets in the form of NFTs, exhibited in their online shops, or even showcase and sell entire games and experiences using metaverse crypto. The NFTs can be wearables, avatars, or land parcels sold to the other Somnium Space users. Also, the users interested in participating in a particular event can buy the aforementioned event tickets as NFTs. Somnium Space NFTs are traded on Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon networks.


The Sominum’s native metaverse crypto token is CUBE. It is an ERC-20 token that can be used for all types of transactions on the platform, from paying rent to paying admission. There are 100 million of these crypto tokens available in the crypto space. 






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