Built on Etherium, Zero, and the game engine Unreal Engine 5, which has allowed the creators of Wilder World to achieve incredible aesthetics. Wilder World is an impressive 5D photorealistic metaverse world and a marketplace, which was created by a group of visionary creatives. On this complex, realistic, and visually-appealing platform you can explore, create, sell and purchase artwork or fashion pieces. The Wilder World universe will start with Wiami, the digital replica of Miami. The metaverse is rich in graphics, videos, and demonstrations, combining art, technology, and fashion at the same time. It can be said that in this metaverse video gaming industry meets 3D art industry. This means that all of the artworks, the project itself being a grand art gallery, can be bought and sold through its NFT marketplace. Some of the best digital and real-life artists and designer teams have contributed to this gallery: Chad Knight, J. Pierce, Wolftech, Pet Liger are some of the names that made a contribution to custom-designed NFT collections.

Since a big part of the project’s focus is on the visual aspect of the metaverse and NFTs following the trendy aesthetics, the creators have paid special attention to creating NFT collections, such as Wilder Wheels and Wilder.Craft (fantasy vehicles made for cruising the sky), Wilder Cribs (futuristic and unique houses that can be personalized, and mimic the real-life real estate), and Wilder Kicks (NFT sneakers created as a collaboration between Chad Knight and Pet Liger, which turned out to be cutting edge digital fashion must-haves) 

Apart from the NFT marketplace and the virtual gaming experience, Wilder World also has its economy. The native metaverse crypto currency is called WILD. Not only can the Wilder World users use it at its marketplace, but also by owning it the WILD holders get a stake in the project, which makes it one of the good metaverse investments. Some of the Wilder World investors are Spartan, DCG, Animoca, MetaPurse, Michael Carter Williams, and Nyjah Houston. 


Wilder World is on its way to becoming the most visually impressive metaverse project in the Web3 space. The platform is fully decentralized and owned by its users, artists, and collectors. Everyone who joins the metaverse is involved.



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